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AFS Market Alerts

AFS Market Alerts are supplemental reports delivered as part of your AFS Forecast subscription. They give industry insight specifically designed to notify and educate our customers on market changes, key industry issues that shape critical decision making, and general market news to support a proactive business model.

AFS Market Alerts Include

  • AFS Weekly - Manufacturing changes, vehicle time, new vehicles, and cancelled vehicles

  • AFS Monthly - Editorial on market issues shaping the region, the global, and the industry

  • AFS Code Books - Directory of vehicles by platform, program, timing, and more

  • AFS Vision - Detailing a specific market disruption issue -including overview, insight & impact 

  • AFS Auto Show Review (ASR) - Images, specs and reviews of announced vehicles at the major global auto shows

  • Frequency - Sent via email and accessible from the AFS Forecast web-interface on a weekly, monthly and periodic basis

  • Support - Created by the team of AFS subject matter experts who are available to discuss the content of each report in terms of its impact on your business


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