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AFS Solutions & Services

Global Automotive Forecasting

AFS Forecast is a comprehensive automotive production forecast database.

Detailed Monthly Vehicle Data: Light Vehicle, Powertrain, & Drivetrain. Updated and provided in a user-friendly, web-based solution; on a monthly basis. Includes dozens of attributes.


Historical production volumes and an eight-year planning window of light vehicle production forecast volumes are updated every month on a global basis – with proven automotive subject matter expertise and support ready for your call.

  • Global coverage: history plus 8-year outlook

  • Light vehicle, engine, transmission & electric motor

  • Alternative propulsion

  • AWD, eAWD, 4WD & FWD/RWD

  • Complete production detail by source
    & vehicle application with attributes

  • Updated monthly & weekly industry change analysis

  • Full suite of reporting & analysis tools with a user-friendly, web-based interface 

Alternative Propulsion 

AFS ePower Pack is the most comprehensive alternative propulsion production forecasting solution on the market today. It includes every electrified vehicle built today, and in the next 8-years globally, and it is updated monthly.

AFS ePower Pack Electrification Outlook

  • 8-year detailed outlook, updated monthly with subscription. 

  • Includes a full suite of reporting & analysis tools with a user-friendly, web-based interface. 

  • Manufacturer, plant, platform, program, nameplate, and powertrain detail

  • Powertrain package type: BEV, eREV, PHEV, HEV (Mild/Full), and FCEV

  • Electric motor count & position

AFS ePower Pack Guide

  • A compendium of every current and announce electrified vehicle in the world for the next 8-years.

  • 800+ page report with images, specs, and electrification type

  • Use in conjunction with the ePower Pack Electrification Outlook for a complete view of production and volumes.

AFS Planning

AFS Planning is a fully integrated sales forecasting & revenue planning solution specifically designed for the automotive community. Track and analyze your sales, customers, products, and more on a detailed monthly part number level in a real-time, web-based environment. Your company’s global sales footprint in a live database, tracking all stages of the sales cycle from targeted through awarded. Integrated directly with the AFS Forecast database for accurate and timely planning, analysis, and opportunity identification. 

Highlights Include:

  • Developed by automotive experts for industry

  • Easy to use, web-based interface with a full suite of reporting & analysis tools

  • History and an 8-year outlook to understand market change and prepare your business plans

Track & Analyze:

  • Revenue, volume, and capacity forecasting by part number, monthly detail – in real time

  • Long-Term Agreement (LTA) impact analysis

  • Track the sales pipeline from targeted through awarded status

  • Track customer issues and information necessary to improve industry competitiveness and respond quicker to customer demands

  • Customizable to the unique business structure of each automotive supplier

  • SQL-Server backend provides an easy interface with legacy planning systems

AFS Portfolio

AFS Portfolio is designed to allow an organization understand and track their competitive landscape.

​Understand Your Market Position: Customized around your products and services; track your product mix, volumes, competitive position, and market share in the global automotive marketplace.

Track Your Competitors: Improve competitiveness by entering and tracking your competitors by product and vehicle applications

Opportunity Identification: A live, corporate-wide database provides complete visibility of your market including your products and your competitor’s products. Identify future gaps, risks, and opportunities.

​An Integrated Solution: Automatically updated every month when integrated with your AFS Forecast subscription to create a proactive approach. Strengthen your core operations while identifying new opportunities for revenue growth.

AFS Scenario

AFS Scenario is the only tool available in the industry designed to allow the user to create custom light vehicle and powertrain forecasts; on a regional basis for the global automotive market.

​Improve Market Preparation: User-friendly interface to adjustment vehicle production volumes at annual, quarterly, and monthly levels can be done from the top down (total region) down to the vehicle/plant level – and all levels in-between (OEM, Platform, Program, etc.).

Analysis Suite: A full suite of reporting tools to compare past and current outlooks, change analysis, running rates, and more.

An Integrated Solution: Automatically updated every month when integrated with your AFS Forecast subscription to create a proactive approach. Vehicle structure updates, production volume actuals, workdays for production distribution, and a new AFS regional outlook. Use your previous outlook as a seed to streamline the process.

AFS Market Alerts

AFS Market Alerts are supplemental reports delivered as part of your AFS Forecast subscription. They give industry insight specifically designed to notify and educate our customers on market changes, key industry issues, that shape critical decision making, and general market news to support a proactive business model.

  • Concierge-level Service – Direct access to our data team who will help you understand what the data means, discuss industry issues, and focus on the specific needs of your organization in an effort to improve your competitive position. 

Advisory Services

Our mission is clear -- to provide the highest quality, most effective, and timely automotive business planning solutions to the automotive community.

This includes accurate data, world-class planning software, and subject matter expert support.​ We are recognized with having the best industry insight, analysis, special studies, conference support, personalized support & more. 

AFS Advisory Services are tailored around the critical needs of the customer. We listen to your needs and deliver value-added results focused on current and future market trends affecting critical business decisions. AFS is invested in improving the market strength and position of our clients.

Concierge-Level Support

  • Over 25 years of automotive experience

  • 24/7 support focused on improving competitiveness

  • Available by phone, email, social media, live chat  

We look forward to working with your team!

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