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AFS Planning

AFS Planning is a fully integrated sales forecasting & revenue planning solution specifically designed for the automotive community. Track and analyze your sales, customers, products, capacity, and more at a detailed monthly part number level in a real-time, web-based environment.

Your company’s global sales footprint in a live database, tracking all stages of the sales cycle from targeted through awarded. Integrated directly with the AFS Forecast database for accurate and timely planning, analysis, and opportunity identification. 

Highlights Include

  • Developed by automotive experts for the automotive industry

  • Easy-to-use, web-based interface with a full suite of reporting & analysis tools

  • History and an 8-year outlook to understand market changes and to prepare your business plans

Track & Analyze

  • Revenue, volume, and capacity forecasting by part number, monthly detail – in real time

  • Long-Term Agreement (LTA) impact analysis

  • Track the sales pipeline from targeted through awarded status

  • Track customer issues and information necessary to improve industry competitiveness and respond quicker to customer demands

  • Customizable to the unique business structure of each automotive supplier

  • SQL-Server backend provides an easy interface with legacy planning systems

An Integrated Solution: Automatically updated every month with your AFS Forecast subscription to create a proactive approach. Strengthen your core operations while identifying new opportunities for revenue growth.

AFS is pleased to provide

planning solutions to dlhBOWLES.

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