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AFS Scenario

AFS Scenario is the only tool available in the industry designed to allow the user to create a custom light vehicle and powertrain production outlook for an 8-year window, on a regional basis for the global automotive market.

​Improve Market Preparation
A user-friendly interface to adjust vehicle production volumes at annual, quarterly, and monthly levels. Forecast managers can adjust volumes at any level of the vehicle definition (region, country, VM, plants, and more).

Analysis Suite
A full suite of reporting tools to compare and analyze past and current outlooks, change analysis, running rates, and more.

An Integrated Solution Automatically updated every month with your AFS Forecast subscription to create a live view of market change and new information to support your basis.   Vehicle structure updates, production volume actuals, workdays for production distribution, and a new AFS regional outlook. Use your previous outlook as a seed to streamline the process.

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