AFS Electrification Suite

AFS ePower Pack is the most comprehensive alternative propulsion production forecasting solution on the market today. It includes every electrified vehicle built today, and in the next 8-years globally, and it is updated monthly.

AFS ePower Pack Electrification Outlook

  • 8-year detailed outlook, updated monthly with subscription  

  • Includes a full suite of reporting & analysis tools with a user-friendly, web-based interface 

  • Manufacturer, plant, platform, program, nameplate, and powertrain detail

  • Powertrain package type: BEV, eREV, PHEV, HEV (Mild/Full), and FCEV

  • Electric motor count & position

AFS ePower Pack Guide

  • A compendium of every current and announce electrified vehicle in the world for the next 8-years

  • 1000+ page PDF report with images, specs, and electrification type

  • Use in conjunction with the ePower Pack Electrification Outlook for a complete view of production, location, volumes, and timing.


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